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Small Business Program

We can help build a better future for your small business.

Programs and assistance for lowering your energy costs and raising your profile.

During these times, it's important to know that we support small businesses of every kind. Every day we’re helping establishments like yours get back to what they do best with energy-saving solutions that can improve ambiance, safety and customer confidence—while lowering your monthly overhead costs.

Featured programs for Rhode Island customers:

We will cover up to 70% of the installation costs for indoor and outdoor LED upgrades at your small business.

We can help make custom lighting and refrigeration energy upgrades at your small business possible with installation discounts on select projects.

How to get started.

When you’re ready, schedule a no-cost energy assessment, and together we can determine what energy-saving solutions are best for your business.

Schedule Online  or Call 888-633-7947


Flexible Payment Plans

If you are eligible, you can have your share of project’s costs placed on your monthly electric bill for up to 24 months. Or you can pay in one lump sum (and we’ll discount your amount due by 15 percent).


In order to qualify for the Small Business program, you must:
  • Be an active Rhode Island Energy electric customer
  • Pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC)
  • Have an average annual usage of 1M kWh or less, or 40k therms or less

Retrofit projects only; new construction projects are not eligible for program incentives.