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Rebate Programs

Save $1,200 per unit on qualifying cold storage equipment for vaccine delivery!

How to Participate:

  1. Find a participating distributor. 
  2. Choose qualifying equipment. Work with your distributor to determine what qualifying model is right for your facility, or visit ENERGY STAR® Laboratory Grade equipment.
  3. Receive instant rebate. Confirm your equipment will be installed at a non-residential facility that is serviced by Rhode Island Energy in Rhode Island and is not already receiving a rebate through another Rhode Island Energy program. The rebate will be applied as a discount on your invoice.

All purchases may be subject to post-installation verifications. For more information on this offer, please contact the Initiative Implementer at 617-440-5466 or

The Serve Up Savings program helps restaurants in Rhode Island optimize operations and increase long-term profitability through energy-saving incentives for high-efficiency kitchen, lighting, and HVAC equipment upgrades. The program offers on-site energy assessments at no cost, financial incentives that cover up to 50% of the project cost, personalized energy, and operational efficiency recommendations, and ongoing support and assistance from proven energy experts. Learn more by visiting the Serve Up Savings website: Rhode Island Energy - Serve Up Savings

The EnergySmart Grocer program delivers proven energy efficiency solutions that help grocery stores lower their operating costs and achieve the highest possible energy savings. The service focuses primarily on refrigeration and lighting upgrades, offering personalized guidance and financial incentives to make these improvements easy and affordable for participating grocers. Learn more by visiting the EnergySmart grocer website: EnergySmart Grocer

The Telecommunications Network Program (TNP) helps telecommunications companies improve network and facility operations through the identification and implementation of energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Eligible Telecommunications providers will receive support from dedicated program Energy Advisors through a no-cost on-site facility assessment, recommendations, and incentives to help pay for energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Qualifying customers must be providers of wired or wireless telephone, internet, cable, broadcasting, or telecommunications data services within the Rhode Island Energy service areas of Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Learn more or contact our implementation partner Franklin Energy at or 855-678-7395.

Rhode Island Energy has partnered with electrical distributors to offer business customers discounted pricing on the most efficient LED products and controls. With this special pricing and no rebate forms involved, your business can install high-quality lamps at a cost comparable to conventional lighting products. Energy-efficient LED directional lamps provide up to 80% energy and cost savings, last at least 10 times longer than traditional lamps, and produce less heat for greater comfort and lower A/C costs. To learn more, download our brochure. To start saving now, contact a participating distributor, or contact

By replacing or adding energy-efficient foodservice equipment, you can improve performance and cut costs by 10 to 30 percent without sacrificing service, quality, style, or comfort. As a Rhode Island Energy customer, you receive a rebate directly on your invoice when you purchase qualified natural gas or electric foodservice equipment from participating vendors.

The Instant Rebates! Point-of-Sale Foodservice Initiative uses the ENERGY STAR® and/or Fishnick Qualifying Products List to determine the eligibility of various types, makes, and models of efficient gas-fired and electric commercial foodservice equipment.

Your participating foodservice equipment dealer can help you choose qualified equipment that will best fit your needs. For a full list of eligible equipment models, select the corresponding equipment lists at Energy Star or Energy Wise

For Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, please click here for a full list of distributors

Limit one Rhode Island Energy incentive per piece of qualifying equipment.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a new building’s architecture, design, and performance. And now with today’s energy-saving technology, it’s economical and environmentally smart too. Rhode Island Energy provides technical guidance in lighting design, and financial incentives that can cover up to 45% of the equipment and installation costs. Let our energy efficiency professionals help you create a building that does more, with less energy. Please contact a Rhode Island Energy energy professional at 855-RIE-1108 or email us at

Energy-efficient, high-performance lighting can make a big difference to your building—and your budget. Rhode Island Energy provides technical guidance and financial incentives that cover up to 45% of the equipment and installation costs. A variety of control technologies are available, including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting for maximizing natural light, and addressable systems that allow individuals to adjust their own lighting levels. Let our energy efficiency professionals help you create a building that does more with less energy. Call 855-RIE-1108 or email

No matter what kind of business or commercial facility you have, heating is one of your biggest operational costs. Installing a natural gas heating system will prove helpful to the environment and your bottom line. We offer rebates ranging from $300 to $10,000 on natural gas furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and controls that meet or exceed annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) and/or other efficiency ratings. To learn more, download our brochure or apply online.

The large business new construction program offers technical assistance and financial incentives of up to 75% of incremental costs to large commercial and industrial customers who are building new facilities, replacing failed equipment, or undergoing major renovations. This program provides assistance in four critical areas:

  • Design services - Create a plan that takes full advantage of energy-efficient systems and technologies.
  • Technical services - Help customers become aware of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities for their facilities.
  • Educational services - Learn how to maintain and operate your building to yield maximum energy savings.
  • Financial - Save on the cost of technologies that reduce energy expenses and improve the comfort of your facility.

Custom incentives are based on the unique energy-savings criteria of a project. To learn more, please contact a Rhode Island Energy energy professional by phone at 855-RIE-1108 or fill out our custom application.

Rhode Island Energy's municipal program is open to all municipal customers in Rhode Island. If your city or town is committed to pursuing meaningful and comprehensive natural gas and electric savings you may be eligible for enhanced services and incentives. To learn more call 855-RIE-1108 or email

For existing facilities with equipment upgrade potential, we offer custom incentives that can cover up to 50% of the total costs of more efficient equipment. These incentives accelerate the payback period and maximize the opportunity to reduce operating costs and enhance building value. 

Custom incentives are based on the unique energy-savings criteria of a project. To learn more, please contact a Rhode Island Energy energy professional by phone at 855-RIE-1108 or fill out our custom application.

Compressed air systems are a vital part of industrial operations, but they also consume a lot of energy. If you are constructing a new facility, Rhode Island Energy has a number of incentives to help make compressed air more efficient and economical. We also offer evaluation services to help assess your specific compression needs. To take advantage of our incentives and services for compressors, refrigerated dryers, enhanced controls, and more, call a Rhode Island Energy energy professional at 855-RIE-1108 or email us at Download our application to learn more.

Today’s advanced chiller technology and design allow improved energy efficiency in the cooling of buildings and industrial processes. We assist our commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal clients in chiller design and implementation. To learn more, please contact a Rhode Island Energy energy professional at 855-RIE-1108 or email us at

An energy management system (EMS) can help your business save on energy by automatically turning off equipment when it isn't needed. How does it work? The heart of an EMS is a programmable electronic control, which takes instructions on how your facility should operate and then communicates those instructions to the equipment. We can help identify if an EMS is right for your business and if you qualify we'll provide incentives for the installation. To learn more call 855-RIE-1108 or email

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are energy-saving controls that enhance the efficiency of your building’s mechanical systems and components, particularly on HVAC fans or pumps. VSDs adjust the speed of a component as its loads increase or decrease. Even a small decrease in speeds produces a relatively large increase in energy savings. For example, a 20% reduction in flow can yield savings of 35% or more. VSDs are ideally suited for HVAC applications because the demand for heating and cooling systems can vary with outside temperature, building occupancy, and production level. Other effective applications include boiler draft fans, exhaust fans, and manufacturing applications. To learn more, please contact a Rhode Island Energy energy professional at 855-RIE-1108 or email us at

We are now offering Pay-for-Performance (P4P) incentives as an alternative to our standard incentive structure. Our standard incentives are calculated as a percent of project cost whereas under P4P there is a specified incentive paid for each kWh or therm saved.

Vending Miser is a power control technology for cold beverage vending machines. It is a simple plug-and-play device that utilizes Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to power down a vending machine when the area surrounding it is vacant while maintaining the temperature of the vended product. With Vending Miser retrofit to your existing equipment, you can save between $200 to $500 in annual electric costs, while ensuring the quality and coldness of your vending products. To request a no-cost energy assessment that determines your equipment needs, call 855-RIE-1108, or email us at

Water heating accounts for approximately 20% of natural gas use in commercial applications. Installing a high-efficiency water heater can result in thousands of dollars in energy bill savings, provide better comfort and control, and lower water and sewage costs. To ensure customers receive the benefits of high efficiency, Rhode Island Energy created the Upstream Commercial and Industrial Gas Water Heater Initiative, a market transformation initiative designed to promote and improve the availability of high-efficiency commercial water heaters. Please contact the Program Implementer, Energy Solutions at 617-440-5467 or contact a participating distributor for more information.

Rhode Island Energy has engaged with the market, including HVAC distributors, to offer the most efficient electric commercial HVAC equipment to our customers at a discounted price. The Program covers several types and sizes of commercial air conditioning and heat pump units, variable refrigerant flow systems, and electronically commutated motors. This energy-saving equipment reduces the costs of maintenance and operation and helps create a more comfortable indoor environment. To learn more about incentives and installation, contact a participating equipment distributor or the Program Implementer Energy Solutions at 1-617-440-5467 or