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Important Information About Rhode Island Energy's Recent Arrears Forgiveness and Bill Credits For Qualified Customers

As part of PPL Corporation’s settlement agreement with the Rhode Island’s Attorney General Peter F. Neronha to complete the acquisition of The Narragansett Electric Company, PPL Corporation agreed to provide more than $43 million in arrearage forgiveness to “Low-Income and Protected Residential Customers” of Rhode Island Energy and $50 million in bill credits to all eligible Rhode Island Energy customers.  See below for additional information, including eligibility and how these benefits would impact you.

Arrearage Forgiveness:

If you were a residential Low-Income or Protected Rhode Island Energy Customer as of March 31, 2022 and you had a balance on your account (arrearage) that was more than 90 days past due as of March 31, 2022, then the arrearage forgiveness benefit was applied to your account and reflected on either your October or November bill.

A bill message appeared on page 1 of your electric or gas bill, and the credit was applied in the ‘Other Charges/Adjustments’ portion of your bill, which is usually on page 2. 

You are responsible for all unpaid amounts from April 1st forward. If you made any payments since March 31, 2022, the arrearage forgiveness amount for which you are eligible will still be reflected as a credit on your bill and either will reduce your past due balance or create a credit balance that will reduce your amount due on future bills.

If your account is now closed, but you were eligible for the arrearage forgiveness benefit, you will still receive the benefit. If at the time you closed your account an unpaid balance remained on your account, then the arrearage forgiveness amount will reduce the amount of that past-due balance. If at the time you closed your account there is no past-due balance (or if the amount of arrearage forgiveness for which you are eligible exceeded the amount of the past-due balance), you will be receiving a check from Rhode Island Energy for arrearage forgiveness over and above any remaining balance on your account.

If you have any additional questions about the arrearage forgiveness benefit, please contact Customer Service at: 

Electric 1-855-743-1101 Or Gas 1-800-870-1664

Bill Credits:

All Rhode Island customers who have an active account as of November 1st, 2022, will see a one-time bill credit of more than $60 on their account during the November billing period.

If you would like to know more about RI Energy’s other assistance programs, please click on the customer type below for more information.