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Energy Profiler Online™

Accounts with interval data meters can take advantage of an online tool that provides access to your facility's retail interval load data.

Please note, the interval data is not treated as billing quality and therefore may not match the account’s monthly bill. Also, gaps in the interval data may occur when unable to communicate with the meter.

Easy Access to Your Energy Information

Energy Profiler Online™ (EPO) allows you to understand how your electricity is used within your operation over time.

  • Review load shapes by day, week and month
  • Improve your budgeting and reporting capabilities
  • Password protected—you decide who can access and review the information
  • Manage your energy consumption—identify what’s normal and abnormal usage
  • View load profiles, usage history and information for multiple sites from previous months or years
  • See the results of your energy efficiency and conservation efforts at each site
  • Shift your energy usage to lower-cost time periods and move dollars to your bottom line
  • Guide for information to shopping wisely with power suppliers
  • Optional—ability to monitor your power factor

Enrollment & Fee

The Narragansett Optional Interval Data Service tariff entitles the first 2-week access request per account per calendar year has no charge, regardless if the request is from the customer or a third party. All subsequent requests within the same calendar year will incur the fee noted below.

  • Two weeks of EPO access for the initial account requested is $83.00
    • Each additional account requested for the same customer is $6.41

  • One year of EPO access for the initial account requested is $154.00
    • Each additional account requested for the same customer is $76.89

One customer per request form, although a customer may have multiple account numbers. If that individual customer has multiple account numbers, they can be listed on the same request form.

CUSTOMER enrollments, complete the Rhode Island Customer Enrollment Form and email it to

SUPPLIER/ THIRD PARTY enrollments, complete the Rhode Island Supplier Enrollment Form and email it to