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Storm Safety

We are here to help you weather any storm. We work before, during, and after a storm to maintain service and ensure your safety. Please do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones as well. 

Outages: Report online or call us at 1-855-RIE-1102 if you experience an outage.

Preparing Your Home & Family

Protect yourself and prevent property damage by preparing for storms in advance

Before a Storm

Stay Safe During a Storm

From loss of power to flooding, learn how to handle any storm scenario

During a Storm

After a Storm

Once a storm clears, restoration and repairs can begin. Use caution and follow these tips before assessing any damage.

After a Storm


If your property has flooded, contact a plumbing or heating contractor to make sure your appliances are safe to operate.

Flooded Equipment

Hurricane Tips

Stay safe, stay prepared for hurricanes.

Hurricane Tips

Hot Weather

Even in the warm months, it’s important to maintain your safety and stay comfortable.

Hot Weather

Cold Weather

Keeping healthy and safe when the temperatures drop.

Cold Weather