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Changes Are Coming

On August 19, some important changes are coming. New bill design, new website, new payment processes and more. Visit RIEnergy.com/changes to see what’s changing and how it may affect you.

Payment Agreement Bill - Electric

How to Read Your Bill

Every Rhode Island Energy bill gives a breakdown of exactly what you are being charged. Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

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Payment Agreement Electric Bill - Page 2This section gives a detailed breakdown of your "Delivery" charge plus your "Supply" charges. The number of days within your service period can affect your current charge. Also, the weather/temperature can affect your bill amount.You have the option to select your energy supplier. Click here for more information.This is not the dollar($) amount owed to Rhode Island Energy. This is just a portion of your current charges.This section contains helpful definitions of common terms you'll see on your bills.

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