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Becoming a Supplier or Vendor

Rhode Island Energy’s customers and employees expect the highest quality of service in every aspect of our business. We require the same from our suppliers and believe quality, service and cost advantages can best be achieved when customers and suppliers work together.

Rhode Island Energy’s supplier registration and eligibility process seeks to develop long-term relationships with key suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement and to maintaining the highest standard of quality and service. Our suppliers must demonstrate a solid track record of excellent customer service, on time deliveries, and superior communication, ethics and technical expertise.
The Process:

  1. In order to be considered for any procurement business opportunities, we require all suppliers to register with Rhode Island Energy. Registering your business is the first step in becoming a supplier but registration does not guarantee eligibility or enrollment.

  2. A Rhode Island Energy representative will contact you if you’ve been selected to undergo the eligibility process. If you are eligible to become a supplier or vendor a Rhode Island Energy representative will advise you to begin enrollment.

  3. Enrollment is the final step to becoming a supplier and is required to issue a purchase order.