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Additional Information

Ariba Vendor Platform - Access Rhode Island Energy's Ariba vendor platform to view and engage in posted NWAs and other project and partnership opportunities.
Business Partners - Discover information for trade partners and professionals, energy supply companies, suppliers and vendors, and about NWAs and the system data portals.
Suppliers and Vendors - Find everything from how to become a supplier to enrollment for new vendors as well as FAQs, forms, and applications for current vendors and suppliers.

Explore the links below for information specific to each of our jurisdictions.

Rhode Island Description
Rhode Island System Data Portal Interactive mapping tools that provide visibility into the electric grid distribution system.
R.I.G.L. 39-1-27.7 Dive into state initiatives that engage and enable NWA solutions.
RI Public Utilities Commission Explore the regulatory landscape.  Access useful dockets and information regarding NWA activities and proposals in each state.
RI Tariff Provisions Learn about tariff provisions.
RI PUC Docket 4600 Analyze benefit-cost analysis (BCA) information and references relevant to NWA for each state.